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Welcome to KVS Construction

Our Company Philosphy

We at KVS Construction, a family owned local company understand all of these concerns. Our significant satisfied reference list speaks volumes of our quality workmanship and effort to answer any and all of these questions.

KVS Constructions Professional Insurance Claims Specialists are trained to assist all of our Clients through the navigation of the claims process.

A simple free exterior property inspection of your roof and siding by our trained professional staff will enable us to determine if any damage occurred. Exterior damage can lead to more severe problems from moisture leakage. All insurance companies would rather catch these problems earlier than later. Of the hundreds of quality jobs completed by KVS Construction in 2013 alone, insurance paid for all of this work with no expense to the homeowners while increasing property value. The homeowners are responsible for only their deductible!

Any storm damage must be brought to the insurance company's attention within one year. The last significant storm to your area is soon to expire. That is why we are acting with some urgency.